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As you can see on my Making-of, each part of creation is mine.


I start by using my own photos as a basis to which I add a mix of different techniques: drawing, painting, embroidery, and the final collage.

The size of it varies from A4 to A3.

Then I duplicate my work as many times as possible.

My little creatures are made with painted stones, jewelries that I create.

Photos I take have their personal meaning, I transform it to give them a second life.


Why make it simple when one can make it complicated for the Beauty of it?

- Symbolic Collages -

Window of Dream
Cross the Ocean
The Path
Cross with Nature as a Crown
Carnival in the rain
Miss Omeme
My little Geisha
Miss Bomboli
Mr Pioko Pion
High Priest
Leader of the Sages
Crystal Butterflies
Wings of my Ankh
Lotus Picker
Strange Spy Armor
Spirit of Mount Fuji
Metamorphosis of  Mont Fuji Spirit
My past Atlantis Eye
Glory of Volcano
The Fire
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