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This web site is dedicated to my daughter Angelys,
 My Angel and Lys Flower,
 and to the little ones all over the world who are suffering.

In my work each colour has got its own meaning, each drawing carries hope, each cutter strikes like a scalpel, bringing forth a tear, but also strength and courage.
You will discover here who I am, a reflection of my passions, my dreams, my hope and a selection of my creations that took me millions of working hours.

I am a French and Japanese artist sharing my life between Paris and Tokyo.
After my studies in a Tokyo Art school, I followed courses at the Penninghen Art School and Esmod Paris fashion design school, from which I graduated Major of my promotion. Since I specialized in stage costume, I extended my training by working during 12 years with new materials in a cinema special effect workshop.
Due to my meticulousness and my taste for perfectionism, I turned towards to a career of Illustrator. My divinatory game card, "The Tarot of Yumi" published by France Cartes/Grimaud, has met a great success. 800 000 copies were sold and it was praised by magazines such as 'Elle France' and 'Elle Russia'. At the same time I have been recruited by my former school ESMOD to be a fashion design teacher and worked also as interior designer for stores and private customers.

I am now working as freelance Illustrator and designer.I imagine or create what is crossing my mind... I draw, paint, sculpt in clay or other materials, take pictures and touch them up, do sewing, embroidering and designing with a view of creating a universe that is fully mine.All what you can see in my web site has been created all by myself.

My sources of inspiration come from Life, together from different cultures and religions, history and it costumes, Mother Nature, and of course from my "voyages", my Dreams, my imagination and my intuition. I can see a multitude of things and worlds in a tiny thing. That's what I want to show in my collages. I created them with the intention of helping my daughter to dream and believe in me.
Quite naturally my inspiration comes also from pain I feel like all Human and children, who are often more courageous we are.
Children are my best friends. I have given drawing and ceramic courses to them. From children of an Emirate Prince to children suffering from a mental handicap, I always treat them as equals. Art is to them the most playful and creative way to express themselves.

Here is now a Wink to Japan and France...

A wink to the World of Fashion from where I come from and which is playing with costumes, jewels and the thousand ways of Beauty.

A Wink to all women or girls who are suffering from anorexia and bulimia. The cult of fashion sometimes bring about pain and disease, but Art can heal you as it did to me. So never give up and plunge into artistic activities.

A Wink to all eyes who are looking to you and me.  

EYE CAN SEE YOU!So follow me and let's create together!

Life is short, so let's go deeper in Love, Deeper in Truth and deeper in ART in order to be in harmony with the whole universe.



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